Thousand People Die of COVID-19 Allover Pakistan

The count of deaths reaches to 1,000 in Pakistan, but how much of it is really true and is it what it seems to be?

The cases in Pakistan are increasing slowly and gradually. On daily basis, more than a thousand cases come forward and are screened in the country. However, many are also recovering in Pakistan. If seen province wise, Sindh has the highest rate of COVID-19 patients amounting to 18,964. Furthermore, Punjab remains just a couple of thousand cases behind Sindh, standing at 16,685 cases. The cases in these two provinces tell that most COVID-19 violations are taking place in these provinces. Where the numbers of death are also at their most. A thousand deaths in a country due to COVID-19 shows how both, people and the government, weren’t able to fight the virus.


Nevertheless, there have been several controversies that have come up in regards to the deaths in many countries. Not only Pakistan has been making this viral but countries like the US also have the same stance on one thing. That the doctors are putting people in the list of deaths due to COVID-19, who weren’t even infected with COVID-19. There have been several such cases, which proves two things to any person. Either the testing kits in Pakistan are so incapable and the doctors are so incompetent that they can’t distinguish between COVID-19 and other illnesses. Or either, they are forced to do such a thing that even they don’t like but someone has ordered them to do so for some weird reason.

Whatever the case be, people are quite in distress at the moment. They are not sure of what is happening in the country and are fearing for their lives. All we can do for now is pray for those who passed away due to COVID-19. Also for those who are ill. May they have a speedy recovery. Amen.

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