Dangerous Thunderstorms Expected To Hit Karachi Once Again

Yesterday, 22-08-2017, a dangerous thunderstorm hit Karachi and that was enough to shook the entire city. The metropolis was gripped by deafening light-struck and heavy rain. As a result, the major areas of the city were left immobile with many places left completely destructed. From animal farms set-ups for Eid-ul-Azha to occasional Mandis, everything was flooded with water. Now, there is a new news circulating that another thunderstorm is expected to take grips on the metropolis for the days to come.

A Facebook page, Weather Updates PK, known for its authentic weather forecast came forward with the news that it is likely that there are more thunderstorms installments for Karachi. The page, which rightly predicted that August’s end will bring rains upfront, quoted day:


As per updated short Range Models Karachi is likely to witness another good intensity thunderstorm on today / tonight inshahALLAH however the upcoming activity will be isolated for city and with greater intensity over north and northwestern parts of the city for 12 – 16hrs.

Likewise everytime we shall be updating our members with our ever famous nowcasting updates. As per our close calculations Chances of Precipitation are upto 65%.

Dangerous Thunderstorms Expected To Hit Karachi Once Again
Source: Weather Update PK

Though it went on to predict just today for the storm, many other weather portals are foreseeing that we might come across the most dangerous storm in the history of Karachi in the days to come. Weather Updates PK further cautioned that:

Most of major weather webportals now showing Heavy Rainfall in Karachi starting from 30th August 2017. This upcoming spell will be of greater intensity and is likely to stay over 3-4 days. WUPK shall issue a detailed forecast on this upcoming system in 3-4 days .

Though MET has prohibited to come out with any statement that supports or prohibits the claim, incessant social media updates are pointing otherwise. We can’t actually know what’s about to happen, but for now everybody should remain cautious. All Karachiites are requested to take care of the Qurbani animals (in case if bought already) and stay indoors if a major storm approaches or rain starts pouring in. Precaution is better than cure, and you might never know how dangerous impending thunderstorm can be.