Can You Guess Which Bollywood Celebrity Visited HSY In Lahore?

HSY is among the top-notch designers of the country. His work is not only loved in Pakistan, but is known and looked forward to all over the world. Though there is no doubt that he has set a benchmark in the world of fashion, but he is still untapped when it comes to how far and wide his fashion sense and style is known. The ‘King of Couture’ is also leading the international market, and we have something that is definitely going to prove that.

Just yesterday, HSY posted a picture on his Instagram account, and you would be shocked to know that he was standing side by side with Bollywood diva Katrina Kaif. Kaif, who is known for her sultry looks and rock solid body, came to Pakistan a few years back and visited HSY studio in Lahore. Although her visit was kept completely secret, but the pictures later started circulating on social media, when her biggest stop was HSY studio while shopping.

HSY has revived those memories once again, by posting a throwback on Instagram with her picture. Alongside the picture, he wrote this caption:

“Way back Wednesday when #katrinakaif came to Lahore to my studio for clothes. And yes, she did come to Lahore. Look it up if it confuses you. I don’t like this picture much of myself but I recall remembering how beautiful she was In real life and how tall. She is lovely to talk to and very sweet. I enjoyed meeting her. The entire team was excited to have her visit the HSY Studio.”

This Instagram almost instantly hit the mark, and people started commented and tagging friends to let them know about it. People have become so excited to see Katrina in Pakistan with our very own beloved designer that they are suggesting that HSY should tag her too. Let’s wish that the prosperity of talent and arts continue growing in Pakistan, and we have similar visits from the Bollywood fraternity in the years to come.