Tim Hortons is Making Everyone Go Crazy in Pakistan

With its tasty coffees, reasonably low prices, and roomy premises, Tim Hortons is a perfect compliment to the Pakistani coffee scene.

Tim Hortons, the desired Canadian coffee chain, officially opened its doors to Lahore’s coffee lovers after over a year of suspense.

We wondered if it lived up to the excitement that had been created in Canada. The eatery looks identical to the one in Canada at first glance. The interiors are welcoming and bright, as one would anticipate from a fast-food chain. The interiors’ crimson hue and integrated maple leaf are patriotic nods to Canada. Given its size, it is an excellent gathering place for large groups of people.

Let’s get to the meat of the matter, which is the menu, flavour, and of course, the harm. The menu at Tim Hortons Pakistan is not particularly varied, but what it lacks in variety, it makes up for in flavour.

A morning java from a company like this is met with high expectations. Espresso, Tims Classic, Brewed Coffee, Blended Iced Capp, Tims Signature Blends, Coolers, and Iced Tea are some of Tim Hortons’ hot and cold beverage options. You can choose from a range of flavours in these categories, the most notable of which is their distinctive French Vanilla, which takes you to Canada in just one taste. The beloved takeout coffee tins which Tim Hortons sells all around the world were a startlingly absent item from the coffee area.

Doughnuts are the best food to have with coffee. Doughnuts from Tim Hortons are sweet, soft, and fresh. They provide ten distinct flavours divided into three categories: Classic, Premium, and Stuffed. Basic glazed, white chocolate ring, vanilla dip, and chocolate dip are the four choices in the classic category. Pistachio, Smarties, and maple are all in Premium. Boston cream, maple, and strawberry are all infilled.

Every doughnut is smooth and airy, neither oily nor heavy. The obvious choice is the original glazing. The Boston cream is covered with a decadent chocolate frosting for those who prefer a bit extra oomph, and its filling is the ideal consistency—not too runny or like dough—without losing its appeal. Be advised: pistachio flavour requires some getting used to.

That won’t or shouldn’t appeal to everyone. The Smarties doughnut’s crispness was also appreciated, although the flavour combination was at best unimaginative.

The restaurant’s famous Timbits come in four flavours: honey dip, double chocolate, Oreo, and strawberry snow. The Timbits are fluffy, cake-like snacks covered in frosting resembling doughnuts. Double chocolate is a delicious explosion for chocolate lovers. For those who don’t care for doughnuts, there is also a selection of croissants, muffins, and brownies.

Tim Hortons doesn’t overlook you if you’re looking for something savoury. There are some good options, such as sandwiches, paninis, and wraps. The Lahori Bhajhi and cheese tikka sandwiches are two flavours that have been modified for the Lahori palate. The grilled cheese and jalapeño sandwich, an outstanding winner, stood out among the savoury offerings. The jalapenos add the right amount of tangy flavour to the entire flavour, and the high-quality cheese melts in your mouth.

Tim Hortons’ coffee is designed to be quick and reasonably priced. Depending on the flavour, a regular cup of Tim Hortons costs between Rs 350 and Rs 600 in Pakistan, while a large cup costs between Rs 450 and Rs 800. Each doughnut costs between Rs 290 and Rs 330. In India, a box of ten TimBits costs Rs 810. The price range for savoury goods is Rs. 600–Rs. 750. Even in the current economic climate, the price points between Pakistan and Tim Hortons Canada transfer nicely. And it is worth it too.

With more than 5300 locations across 14 countries, Tim Hortons is the largest coffee business in Canada. Now, the restaurant has three locations: two in Gulberg and one in DHA Phase 6. In Lahore, it is anticipated that two more will be launched this year. A first for any coffee shop in Pakistan, the flagship location, DHA Phase 6, provides seats for over 150 people over 8000 square feet.

Tim Hortons is a terrific addition to Pakistan thanks to its delectable coffees, very low prices, and roomy interiors. It is a must-see when in Lahore.

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