Top 3 Pakistani Clothing Brands Also Turned into Perfume Brands You Have To Try

The local perfume industry has recently made quite a name for itself with new and old brands jumping into the market. Here are some brands you have to try.

International perfume brandslike Channel, Gucci, Versace and YSL may be amazing but when it comes to budget-friendly and locally available perfumes, Pakistani perfume brands are no less.

Recently Pakistan has up their perfume game with so many international brands like Asgharali opening up in Pakistan and new Pakistani perfume brands like WB by Hemani and Saeed Ghani launching their perfumes. So to try their luck some fast fashion clothing brands also jumped into the perfume industry and it was the right decision.

Here are some clothing brands turned into perfume brands you have to try out.


J. was one of the first fast-fashion clothing brands to explore the perfume market and made quite a huge name for their locally loved perfumes. Their perfumes are quite known for being long-lasting and having a variety of different scents to cater for all kinds of customers. Not only that but J. has collaborated with several famous Pakistani personalities like Shahid Afridi, Wasim Akram, Humayun Saeed, Hira Mani, and Sania Mirza. Recently they also launched their international cities inspired perfumes for Men and Women. Not only the fragrance but even the packaging has stolen the hearts of the locals.



Khaadi has recently dived into the perfume industry and it no doubt was a great decision because in a short period of time Khaadi has made its name among one of the best perfume collections. It has launched both perfumes and mist for both men and women. Along with that, they have also come up with a collection of sweet flower inspired hair mist collection.

Bonanza Satrangi 


A few years back Bonanza Satrangi launched its cosmetic and fragrance line. Both of them took a hit in the Pakistani market, especially the fragrances. They came up with fragrances for men and women as well as unisex ones. The packaging of their perfumes is one of the best and their body mists are especially known to last quite a long time.

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