Toxic Liquor kills four people

At least 4 people have died due to the consumption of toxic liquor at a private house party in Imamia Colony Peshawar, Pakistan.

In recent news reported, a group of 4 people died due to the consumption of bootlegged toxic liquor in the city of Peshawar, Pakistan. This unfortunate incident took place in a private house party in a society named Imamia Colony in Peshawar on Thursday 26 March 2020, it is said that at least 4 people have died due to the toxic liquor consumption.

While the almost the whole country is in a lockdown or quarantined due to the global pandemic of Corona Virus, a house in the Imamia Colony, in the city of Peshawar Pakistan, organized a party house party while illegally serving liquor. The liquor served during the private house party was said to have been toxic which took the lives of 4 people. Police have reported that another person who, too, consumed the bootlegged toxic liquor and has been taken to the hospital. No updates about this victim in the hospital have been revealed as of now. The Police sources said initial reports claimed that the liquor consumed by the victims was made at home. The dead bodies of the victims are taken to the mortuary for an autopsy and the investigation has begun to find the real cause of death. The identities of the victims are still to be revealed by the police officials.

Consumption of liquor is prohibited in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. This is not the first that people have died due to the consumption of toxic liquor, according to the World Health Organisation annually 3 million people die due to the consumption of alcohol worldwide. A total of 32 people had died in Toba Tek Singh back in December 2016 due to the consumption of toxic liquor and another 3 people from Lahore died in June 2019 due to the consumption od bootlegged toxic liquor.

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