Understanding Your Human Design

2020 has been a very defining and self-reflective year; our human design explains our choices and ultimately determines how to live as our true selves.

We’re all sitting and reflecting whether it be on our goals, vulnerabilities or pivots. When it comes to taking decisions and living our true selves, that’s where our human design comes in. Human designs determine and give structure to the choices we make and how to access our body’s consciousness as a decision-making tool, and ultimately, how to live as your true self.

Understanding Your Human Design - Runway Pakistan

The human design consists of four types: Manifestors, Projectors, Reflectors, and Generators. Although the human design is extremely complex and the types have fluidity between them, it does however determine where we lean towards in life. Knowing this can have a major impact on our lifestyle and choices; our approaches towards situations; understanding our current state and help in postulating what our strategies towards life should seem like.


The Four Types - Strategy & AuraAs the name suggests, those who fall under the generators category of the human design, possess creativity, kinetic energy and are productive. Steadfast and determined, generators have set goals in mind that they work towards continuously till achieved. While this human design type is the most common one, it comprises of two types— Pure Generators and Manifesting Generators. Manifesting generators are more intense and have the drive to achieve things much larger than others and rightfully possess the required amount of excessive energy to do so. Pure generators on the contrary are more laidback, fluid, resilient and are deeply connected to nature. They get stuck in states of pondering and lean towards perfectionism more. This halts them from taking risks.


The Four Types - Strategy & AuraThose falling under the human design category of projectors are wisdom-filled guides. They help in guiding people by their transmissible and compelling energy. Regardless of being deeply intrigued by others and forging relationships; being curious, smart and loving, projectors do not classify as selfless leaders because they learn a lot about themselves through their experiences. Similar to generators, projectors work intensively to be recognised for their efforts and work. Acceptance and recognition are driving factors of their purpose. Due to this many projectors often find themselves in self-doubt, self-consciousness and feeling exhausted when they don’t receive the recognition for their rigorous efforts.


The Four Types - Strategy & Aura

A more rare human design type, the manifestors don’t have sustainable energy like the others. They love freedom and dislike authority. Manifestors possess a magnitude of initiating power, this intense aura leads a lot of people to label manifestors as having a “strong personality”.

Manifestors can truly do wonders with the energy they possess when they’re “on”. However, because their energy is not sustainable, they deflate and come down to their sacred alone time to recharge. They do not fit into the average common moulds, they are here to stay true to themselves and forge their own paths.



The Four Types - Strategy & Aura

Reflectors are the rarest human design type. Just as they possess the ability to be receptive, understanding and sensitive beings, they are designed to take everything in — and let everything go. Reflectors are not halted by others’ energies because they don’t absorb the energy of others and can continue to be the caring and beneficial beings that they are. The right environment and atmosphere are imperative for reflectors as they energetically become wherever or whoever they are with. Reflectors eternally sample other people’s designs and reflect back to them.

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