2019 shows significant improvement in Beijing’s air quality

China's attempts to curb air pollution show successful results

Beijing in these past years was known to be one of the most polluted cities globally. At some point it was even recommended by the Chinese government for citizens to wear masks because of the frequent thick smog in the air.

It is said that about 1.1 million people die every year due to air pollution in China. Therefore it comes as no surprise that Beijing was always listed as one of the top 200 polluted cities worldwide.

However China was quick to take measures to sort this colossal issue. It set aside $120 billion for its national air quality action plan.

Coal-fired power plants were shut down, with some urged to reduce emissions or switch to natural gas. Iron and steel production was also reduced, and some coal mines shut down as well. The number of cars on roads were restricted in many of the urban cities, while heavy trucks were mostly kept out of city limits; among other measures taken. 

Beijing saw a reduction by 35% in their readings on the concentration of particulates in the air. Other cities like Shijiazhuang, it reduced its concentration by 39%, and Baoding by 38%.


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