5 Trips every woman should take with her girlfriends

Between studies, office and home, everybody need a little time out of their usual crammed life. And what could be better than skipping the town with your girlfriends to get rid of the usual grind? But, where should you go will always remain a mystery to be solved. You need to be in your budget, go to some place safe and do a helluva lot of fun.

Here is why, we are bringing you 5 trips that every woman should take with friends by Millennial Travel Expert Maggie Stein:


If you want your trip to be endless spa sessions and pampering time, Santa Fe is your calling. Without the price tag that is going to pop your eyes out, this place is wellness, pampering and a lot of fun. Take yoga, western and eastern therapies and a lot of time to just enjoy the beautiful scenery.


If you are tired of pulling your shit together and just want to par-tay, hop on a plane and go to New Orleans. Some good music, appetizing food, and pools to chill you off, this is going to be the time off that you always wanted. And don’t forget, New Orleans is definitely the nightlife hub and party central.


Fashionistas and food lovers pack your bags because London is everything that you have ever dreamt of. With its hundreds of museums, shops, eateries, it will be the best place to have an exploration weekend. All the fun, food, and enjoyment right at your doorstep. LITERALLY.


Are you an adrenaline junkie? Then this is exactly the place you need to kickstart your adventures from. In Costa Rica, you can zip-line, surf, and hang with monkeys in the jungle. Additionally, there is a lot of good food and relaxing spas. You are getting all in one. Bingo!


Do you have a never-ending amount of energy pumping throughout your body? Or, do you love landscapes that definitely take your breath away? Bend is definitely the place to go with your lady friends if you are an activity enthusiast. It is the perfect place for outdoorsy types with food, adventure, fun and spas to pamper yourself with.