6 Ways To Tell If You’re A Gossip Queen

Is your hair big because its full of secrets?

Everyone is a gossiper and we get it, you just cant resist the juicy information and the thrilling feeling you get when you see someones reaction to gossip. But here are 7 ways to tell if you’ve gone overboard with the habit and do it too much.

1. You know EVERYTHING :

Its impossible to hide anything from you and nothing comes as a shock because you’re updated about anything and everything.

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     2. You cant wait to tell secrets :

As soon as you hear a secret you start thinking about people who you can tell it and how much fun it  would be to reveal it.

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    3.You know a lot of people :

You have a large social circle and know a lot of people who bring information to you and fix the pieces in the puzzle.

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    4. People know not to mess with you :

Nobody messes with you because they no you can ruin their lives and understand the consequences.

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    5. You have your ways :

You always find ways for people to start spilling their details and share secrets with you.

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   6. Nicknames :

You have been given nicknames and people know you for who you are; A Gossip QUEEN.

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