A Beginner Skincare Routine for Men in Pakistan

Skincare for men can be daunting but don't worry, we've got you covered. Follow these steps and use our suggested products for clear, hydrated skin.

Disclaimer: The skincare products listed below are preferred, do not rely on them without consulting your dermatologist.

In a place like our country, Pakistan, where the weather is hot and humid for most of the year, our skin can easily be targeted by acne, wrinkles, dehydration, and can become oily or dry. Thus a skincare routine becomes imperative to maintain clear skin.

A skincare routine is an ultimate tool against the aforementioned issues, however, the process requires consistency, commitment, care, patience and a generous amount of experimentation to find the products that best suit your skin type. The results are definitely worth the effort that goes into the process. Watching the ladies use countless numbers of skincare products can be daunting, especially for men who are used to just washing their face with regular soap. This article provides a skincare routine for beginner men.


As your first step, purchase a face wash or cleanser of a trusted brand. Make sure the product contains necessary moisturizing ingredients. I recommend a product of Neutrogena. Either the “Visibly Clear” oil-free daily wash or the “Hydro Boost” for a refreshing and hydrating feel.


The second essential product for your skincare is a moisturizer that you apply to your skin after washing it with cleanser or face wash. Many men avoid using moisturizers because of their oily skin, however, for those men who have dry skin, this product is a must as it’s the best remedy. My preferred moisturizer is the one by Nivea soft “Moisturizing Crème”. This product makes your skin look fresh all day by giving it that slight glow while preventing acne and other issues.

Acne Ointment

For acne is specific, often face washes and moisturizers don’t work therefore you have to apply ointments. One that works magically is “Dalacin T”. Apply the product on your acne spots, gently rubbing it in, make sure not to be too harsh or else it’ll burst the acne pimples and worsen your skin. Apply the product overnight; it will wash off when you wash your face the next morning.

Petroleum Jelly

Another part of skincare rarely addressed is your lips. Dry and chapped lips are unpleasant to look so for that I recommend purchasing the good quality Vaseline. Apply it overnight as part of your routine and rub it on your lips and the area around the lips properly, covering all areas and then scrub it off the next morning with a spare wet toothbrush for astonishing results.

These four products are perfect to maintain fresh and clear skin. Apart from this routine, to maintain your handsome look, groom your facial hair for a tidy look. Skincare is imperative as it enhances one’s lifestyle positively. Once you find the right products, you’ll automatically start enjoying the process and will want to bring in new additions.

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