Ali Zafar Makes a Fan’s Dream Come True & We’re Swooning over Him

Ali Zafar never fails to give us reasons to be proud of him. The man of many talents has definitely has all hooked up with his gorgeous looks and the voice that has won hearts across the globe. But, the man has yet again another feather to be added to the cap of his amazing fans. He literally won the entire nation on Twitter by lovingly responding to a journalist, who was fan girling on Twitter.

So, here is how it all started:

This would have been a moment of ultimate acceptation by the God that she wouldn’t have guessed in the wildest of her dreams of what came next:

Yes, Ali Zafar actually replied to her! As in told her to start firing the questions away. This was a moment of sheer joy for her, we can all vouch to that.

Hira started her mini Twitter interview with a question that needs pondering over, but Ali replied it in the best minimalistic way possible:

And how could one interview Mr. Zafar and not talk about love?

It steered away to the direction of some of the wrongs that have been happening in the Pakistani media industry and two cents that Ali had to share:

It went on to the discussion of women and beauty standards set by the society, and the singer’s deep thinking here nailed the answer:

When one is talking to Ali Zafar, and isn’t going to question about his charming younger brother Danyal Zafar, how is that possible?

And now comes the point where Hyra actually aced with her brains. She asked one question that’s answer is what made Zafar best among the best:

Ali Zafar himself couldn’t resist appreciating the girl, and his gift to her is so heart-warming that we are still recovering from its effects:

This was surely a beautiful poem. Is the the luckiest girl alive? Yes, she is the luckiest girl alive.