Celebrating Love With Ali Sethi’s ‘Rung’

Shot in Lahore and New York, the music video of Ali Sethi's latest song, 'Rung' celebrates love in all forms and is about diversity and inclusion.

With his latest song, Rung, Ali Sethi celebrates the beauty of life, love across all forms whilst adhering to diversity and inclusion. He is known for making his audience feel some type of way with his releases, and with his latest track, Rung there are no exceptions, as the simplistic- yet powerful- song has fans hooked on while it makes headlines.

Celebrating Love with Ali Sethi's 'Rung' - Runway Pakistan

Ali Sethi began teasing the release of Rung back in January and the video has managed to deliver all the colours he hinted towards. The video has been shot in New York and Lahore. The shots in Lahore are the work of director Umar Riaz while the ones in New York have been done by Diane Desobeau. Both the directors have done a remarkable job; although Rung’s video does not include any flashy scenes or any choreographed dances its beauty lies in the simplicity that resonates. the song revolves around love, peace and the beauty of human companionship.

Diversity and inclusivity are essential parts of Ali Sethi’s Rung. The video features members of the Pakistani transgender community, a pair of young men- played by Mustafa Yazdani and Tiamoor Khan- and two young women in Lahore. Moments of joy, love and where the characters hug each other have been captured by the talented directors to convey the message of Rung in its truest essence.

Celebrating Love with Ali Sethi's 'Rung' - Runway Pakistan

Conforming to the classical roots, Ali Sethi alongside the late Shakeel Sohail has composed the music with instruments like surmandal, harmonium and tabla.

Rung is also a medium that is setting new standards, validating choices that individuals make- whether they conform to societal norms and practices or not. The themes of the song compile to celebrate our differences and how they add up to make the world a beautiful place.

The video of Rung has been taken off YouTube. Although there has been no explanation provided by Ali Sethi, we are hopeful that it will be re-uploaded soon.

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