TikToker Dies By Suicide After Marriage Proposal Rejected

A local TikToker died by suicide in Peshawar's Tehkal area on Wednesday after his marriage proposal was turned down girl's family.

A local TikToker has allegedly died by suicide in Peshawar’s Tehkal area on Wednesday, March 10 after his marriage proposal was rejected.

Shahzad Ahmad, aged 20, had 0.3 million followers on the famous video-sharing mobile application. He had also made attempted to end his life previously however, he was saved.

Local police revealed that they received a complaint from Shahzad’s brother, Sajjad who stated that when he was looking for Shahzad, he was not in his room. Sajjad reported when he went into another room, he found Shahzad hanging from a ceiling fan. He was rushed to the hospital where doctors declared him dead upon arrival.

“He [Shahzad] was in love with a girl but her father turned down his marriage proposal repeatedly after which Shahzad was really depressed and he committed suicide,” Sajjad stated in the report. Police have started an investigation into the case.

“Two years ago he was approached by a girl who claimed to be his fan. Subsequently, a friendship was developed but the girl is only 16-year-old and studying in school,” the Tiktoker’s friend said.

The friend, Amir also said that Shahzad had proposed to the girl but the proposal was immediately turned down due to the young age of the girl. “The girl told him that they will not be talking or meeting again on which Shahzad ate 50 sleeping pills in order to end his life but he was rushed to the hospital and saved,” he said, adding that after the tragic incident, his relationship with the girl was re-established for some time.

Shahzad once again proposed to the girl but she again turned it down and asked him not to meet her again upon which he hanged himself.

The girl’s family reportedly also objected that Shahzad spends all his time on TikTok upon which he deleted his account with 0.3 million followers.

“My point is when he was meeting the girl and giving her expensive gifts the parents had no objection so he naturally developed feelings for her,” Amir said, adding that Shahzad was his partner in an online store and was making good money.

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