Core Karachi Brings the Antigravity Workout of Aerial Yoga to You!

We’re all aware of the countless benefits yoga comes with, not just for your physical fitness but mental health too. It brings to you mental peace, while boosting your fitness level overall. As a beginner, you may be overwhelmed to learn how there are various kinds of yoga practices – from hatha, kundalini, vinyasa, ashtanga to water yoga and antigravity yoga, more endearingly called the aerial yoga – precisely what we talk about today as it’s here to stay and grow at Core Karachi for you all to try and get hooked to if not already; like I’m truly, madly, deeply addicted to aerial yoga since last fourteen months and in no mood of living my life without it anymore. It’s THAT life-changing a practice, you won’t dare let go of, once you start!

“The whole body energizes during and after an aerial yoga practice.” Excitedly shared Kehkashan the most sought-after, advanced yoga teacher of the nation, who’s been in the industry since last two decades now and has in the past couple of years traveled across the globe and earned renowned diplomas & certifications in aerial yoga teaching before bringing this unique form of workout to Pakistan that’s taken the lively, experimental lot of Karachi by storm!

“It allows for an immense distribution of strength where the body is neither totally flaccid nor totally clenched, letting us engage the supporting muscles underneath the major muscles. Plus, all the flips and trips, inversions and suspensions allow one to feel the kind of sensations one may have never experienced before. Both movement and stillness of the body is deeply enhanced that teach us to hold on to what nurtures us and let go of what no longer serves us. This fun and challenging practice lets you miss your sense of self, leaving you stress-free and relaxed like never before” she further explained in an assuring & welcoming tone.

Aerial yoga is practiced on a mid-air level and is a combination of traditional yoga poses and dancers’ postures that defy gravity. At Core Karachi, we use a swing – a swath of soft fabric that is suspended from the ceiling and is made and installed as per the specifications of Ulu Yoga International. This swing supports the body throughout the class flow, letting you stretch better against gravity. Aerial yoga class led by Kehkashan at Core Karachi with a fantabulous view as you hang uspside down in the city’s most plush fitness studio surprisingly comes with an array of unique benefits, including the following:

1) Increases Flexibility

The swing factor releases tension from your body and boosts flexibility as the practice deepens. It lengthens the ligaments, really relaxing our muscles. Holding yoga poses in hanging postures not only strengthens the core muscles but remarkably improves spinal and shoulder flexibility.

2) Relieves Back Aches

Got back problems? Aerial yoga works wonders for back ache recovery since exercises done with the aerial swing put less stress on our back and noticeably decompresses the spine! Often, used as physical rehabilitation, it allows our spine to lengthen as we hang freely!

3) Superb Mood Booster

Yoga by and large uplifts your mood destresses you but aerial yoga takes it to another level of calm & happy! Your stress just vanishes away as you hang free in the air. Swinging has proven psychological benefits in restructuring your emotional wellbeing.

4) New Physical Capabilities

Since you perform many inversion poses that you could not earlier, you tend to learn cool new skills, suspended against gravity as your stretches are non-restrictive and more effective.

5) Increases Balance

Working against gravity comes with many benefits other than the fun factor. Aerial yoga teaches us tremendous amount of balancing and stability that helps us perform our daily tasks with least effort and more efficiently.

6) Physically & Mentally Rejuvenating

Aerial yoga helps in cleansing our bodies from within and improving the functions of our internal organs by positively impacting our circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems. When the bodily functions are activated, the mental abilities are uplifted, mind is relaxed and skin is nourished – it’s sure a win-win situation!

7) Sharpens The Memory

What’ more? Aerial yoga also helps in improving your memory and concentration by fortifying the neurological connections thus enabling memory power.

8) Expedites Digestion

All those inversions may look intimidating but can actually heal our digestive track and eliminate constipation and indigestion. The stretching relaxes our abdomen and provides relief from that irritable bowel syndrome too.

9) Keeps Heart Issues at Bay

Aerial yoga can even fight heart diseases by regulating healthy blood circulation and detoxifying the body which may lower our risk of cardiovascular issues.

10) Complete Workout

Aerial yoga regenerates and strengthens our joints since our entire body is made to move and stretch, which tones and redefines the muscles of the upper, middle and lower body alike!