Federal Government and KE Keep Playing the Blame Game

While KE has pushed the blame on the federal government for not lack of oil, the Ministry of Energy has accused KE for not investing in their distribution system.

Since the extreme load shedding and high electric bill payments started in Karachi recently, people have been protesting against K-Electric’s (KE) monopoly in the market. While KE has been trying to push the blame on the federal government for not providing the oil for them to operate, the Ministry of Energy has accused the former for not investing in a proper distribution system.

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A spokesperson for the Ministry of Energy (MoE) further remarked that KE’s claim regarding the lack of fuel is false. The Ministry stated that the CEO of KE had admitted in a meeting on July 11 that the federal government is providing them with 290 million cubic feet of gas per day (MMCFD) instead of the required 190 MMFCD.

According to the spokesperson for the MoE, KE had not made any investment in their incapable distribution system in order for it to off-take the additional load of electricity from the national grid.

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The MoE spokesperson further emphasised on their previous offer to KE for providing 1000 Megawatts (MW), and stated that the electric company would have to build 500 kV grid to receive this much electricity. He added that KE had acknowledged that the federal government was contributing 800 MW instead of the 650 MW that they had committed on, even though the KE officials confirmed that the company system could not handle more than 750 MW load.

No one from KE has commented on these latest comments from the federal government.


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