HBO to Pay $250,000 Reward for ‘Game of Thrones’ To Pakistani Hackers

HBO, in order to save its drowning boats, has offered $250,000 to the Pakistani group that has hacked its servers. The attackers have released a screenshot of the conversation that contains the proposition of the said amount by the senior Vice President of the company on 27th July.

Moreover, the HBO giants have termed the ransom demanded by the ‘Mr. Smith’ group to ‘Reward’, saying that it is being given because they have discovered a bug in system. The message leaked by the hackers read:

“HBO has been working hard since Sunday evening (July 23) to review all of the material that you have made available to us. We simply have not yet been able to do so.

“You have the advantage of having surprised us. In the spirit of professional cooperation, we are asking you to extend your deadline for one week. As a show of good faith on our side, we are willing to commit to making a bug bounty payment of $250,000 to you as soon as we can establish the necessary account and acquire bitcoin.”

Though we can’t verify if this email carries any ounce of authenticity, but it has been come through the courtesy of same group that previously leaked the two unreleased episodes of GoT. The same hackers earlier leaked a very important data including HBO’s email and confidential files, addresses and phone numbers of the GoT stars.

All that remains to be seen is whether these genius hackers will ever be caught or not. Or, their ransom demands for the whooping sum will ever be met or not.