Ahsan Khan Dons the Hat of a Writer for an Important Cause

Ahsan Khan earned his way through public recognition and applause after his role as “Paa Imtiaz” in Udaari. Talking about the much ignored topic of sexual abuse, Khan portrayed a child abuser in the best possible manner. Since them, he has been advocating the cause of putting abusers behind bars and working for creating awareness.

Now Khan has donned the hat of a writer for a book titled Coming of Age – My Education in Child Sexual Abuse, which will highlight the problems relating to child sexual abuse. In a press release issued to media, Khan stated:

“I have always had great love for children. Their welfare and happiness is very important to me. When I was preparing for my role as a sexual predator in Udaari, I studied the problem of child sexual abuse, in great detail, especially as it exists in Pakistan. The statistics were horrifying.

“I was deeply distressed to learn about the pervasiveness of the menace in our country and made a promise to myself to fight to help reduce and, hopefully, eliminate child sexual abuse from not only Pakistan but the entire globe. The book is a first step towards making good on the promise.”

Ahsan Khan also talked about how he developed the art of writing and went about with the book:

“Writing is tough. Up until last year, the idea of writing a book wouldn’t even have crossed my mind. Udaari and my study of the crime changed all that. I felt that I had the moral responsibility, not to mention a burning desire, to write about a problem that affected me in the deepest possible manner. All of us need to work towards protecting our children from abuse. They deserve that. The book is a step that I am taking as a citizen to help eliminate child sexual abuse.”

Khan’s book is expected to be published in the spring of 2018. Prior to the publishing, there will also be a book tour to promote the cause. Consisting of three different sections, the first section of the book details the Udaari actor’s experience and education about child sexual abuse. The second section categorizes the crime and highlights the problems that stem out of it. It gives a 180 degree view on the social, political, religious, and cultural factors surrounding the problem. Lastly, the third section is finding out solutions to curb with the problem and helping the little victims out of the trauma. It also points out some strategies that can be used for one’s protection action the heinous culprits.

We wish Ahsan Khan the best of luck for his upcoming book, and hope that it succeeds in introducing a change that it is meant to be.