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Amar Khan is a Pakistani actress and a writer, who has been working in the industry professionally for quite some time now.

Amar Khan is a Pakistani actress and a writer, who has been working in the industry professionally for quite some time now. She’s made her mark in the industry with her various projects such as playing a very out of the box stereotypical role of a witch in Belapur ki Dayan. Amar Khan will be seen soon on the big screen in her new movie, which is to be released soon.

1. Were you always fond of acting considering your family’s association with the industry?

Ans. I think it’s not always about the family’s association. At times you are passionate about certain things and acting is one of that. Ever since I was a kid, I was a huge film buff, and I was always into watching cinema, reading stories and that is what drew me into acting.

2. You’ve written, directed and acted in many projects, which roles out of these do you like
the most?

Ans. So there are only two things I have written up till now. The first was a telefilm for Hum TV, Chashm e Num, and now, one of the feature films that I’ve written is “Dam Mastam“, which is like the second work of mine as a writer. And I guess I enjoy all of them, as writing is an isolated and internalized process. Even in my film school days, the short films that I have written, I used to thoroughly enjoy them because I think they are the most effective medium and an outlet to your emotions. Acting-wise, I think, there was this serial called, Dil e Gumshuda, in which I acted and I think that was really well received by the audience. So yeah, maybe that.

3. Which role, as an actor, is your favorite, and why?

Ans. The top on the list for me is Dil e Gumshuda, but after that, the second most good for me will be “Belapur ki Dayan“, as it was an experimental role and people have rarely attempted for the horror genre, and again, the response for this HUM Tv drama was over-whelming and apart from that, I kind of like challenging roles, so yeah.

4. What are your thoughts about our media industry and where do you see it going in the next
few years?

Ans. I think the TV industry, specifically, it is the most progressive medium. However, the stories that we are telling these days, unfortunately, lack good content and I think we need to explore more with honest storytelling, which is not happening these days. So, I think, TV has become more stagnant and I hope, in the future, we come up with better projects so we see it excelling in a few years.

5. Are you currently working on any projects that we should be waiting for?

Ans. Oh yes. For the past one year, I have been working on my feature film, Dam Mastam, so I think you all should be looking forward to something really big and exciting, which will be a great contribution to the cinema.

6. Which role gave you a steep learning curve in your career?

Ans. I think that would be Belapur ki Dayan, because playing the role of a witch was like breaking a stereotype and you don’t see actresses doing that nowadays. It was very interesting to do that role.

7. If you weren’t in the media field then what would you have rather chosen as a profession?

Ans. I don’t think I have a plan B. I can’t think of any other profession than this.

8. What’s your routine like during the lockdown, how drastically has it changed?

Ans. The routine during lockdown has been quite a disturbed one. You know, you sleep late and wake up a little later. And then it is like, looking out for some good meals and then exercising and later watching and reading good stuff. And now as I am writing, so that also consumes a lot of time. Not to forget that you have to connect with your friends and family members. So yeah, that is how it has been going up till now. However, I don’t think the routine has changed, although now I guess I am using my phone a little less, that is all that has changed probably.

9. How do you keep yourself fit during the lockdown?

Ans. To be very honest, for the first three months, I was not eating healthy food & I wasn’t even exercising, as all the gyms were closed. But now, I have started my classes again and I am also following some online tutorials. So, I am back to my fitness routine and I am very happy to be back in shape.

10. What advice would you like to give to your readers who want to enter this field?

Ans. I think I’d say just work hard. Acting and coming to this field isn’t very glitzy and glamorous if you are coming with that intention then I think you should not. But if you love acting, or in any capacity you wanted to associate with this field, make sure you’re passionate and serious about it and you love it because that is how you will emerge out successfully.

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