International Women’s Day Made Hundreds Of People Come Out In Lahore To March

Women, transgender and men all came out on the streets of Lahore to march for the fundamental right of women even when LHC tried their hardest to stop it.

Hundreds of women, transgenders and men marched from Press Club to the PIA office on Tuesday to celebrate International Women’s Day.

The Edgerton road was filled with people shouting on top of their lungs for women to have the privileges of expression, education, life and movement without the interference of men of the society and break the patriarchy. The march started at 2 in the afternoon with high security and around 200 policewomen and men protecting the crowd.

As seen in previous year’s Aurat Marches, this day again the event was filled with colour banners with strong messages about fundamental human rights and to support survivor women. Some famous slogans like ‘Mera jism meri marzi’, ‘I march for those who couldn’t march’, ‘Just looking for fundamental rights’ and ‘Izzat nahi insaan hai aurat’. Some rallying cry was to support the survivors of abuse and harassment which said ‘She wasn’t asking for it, and ‘Ghareloo tashaddud na-manzoor na-manzoor’.

This march was not just against the patriarchy but also against the people who degrade the march and do everything in their power to get it cancelled. One artwork that caught my eye was a cutout of Youtube journalists who have said deceptive things about Aurat March to mislead the public and let patriarchy win.

At the end of the march in Lahore, the marchers marched towards the PIA office at Edgerton Road and stayed there for a while playing traditional songs and chanting slogans. The march consisted of people of all age from children to adults and even several senior citizens joined to support the cause on Women’s Day.

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