Karachi’s Much Awaited Concert Featuring Karakoram, Kashmir and Neon

Featuring acts by Karakoram, Kashmir, and Neon, a concert went through and marked to be one of the first-ever concerts to take place since the pandemic hit.

The city of lights experienced its first-ever concert on Saturday since the pandemic hit us hard. There were two much-awaited concerts that were to take place that day, but only one of them went through. Atif Aslam’s much-awaited concert that was to be held at Benazir Bhutto Park, Karachi was canceled on Saturday evening, much to the fan’s disappointment after the organizers were not able to obtain permission from the concerned authorities. However, the other concert featuring performances by Karakoram, Kashmir, and Neon(the participants of the battle of the Bands) went through. The event took place at District 19 based in Karachi’s Korangi Industrial Area.

There were appearances by our very own singing sensations Asim Azhar, Tamasha, and Auj who showed to the gig to mark their presence and enjoy Karachi’s much-awaited musical night. The event was jump-started by Neon, performing their newer numbers Syth Government, Chillah Kaat, and Chandni, and to top it all off they made sure to add “Muscle Car”, a crowd favorite, to the list. Their performance was the perfect start to the night. According to Zeeshan Athar, the bassist of the band,

“It is always a challenge being the opening band and after one year of not performing at all, there was this uncertainty, but it turned out to be a brilliant experience.”

Their drummer, Athar Saeed also added on “I played a gig after 14 months. I had to console myself by playing at a Shaadi earlier, but that doesn’t count. It was quite overwhelming, even though we made a few glitches in the beginning but it all worked out well.”

Their performance was followed by the Karakoram and their neo-progressive music featuring their latest album Ailan e Jang, which upheld its name and had the same desired effect on the crowd. Shehreyar Khattak, the front-man and lead guitarist claimed,

“Being a rock band, a concert is our outlet to absorb energy and that adrenaline rush helps us to write more music, all of this happening in our hometown, from where it all started, was an added bonus for us.” Khattak also went on to add that, “the whole band was so pumped up, they could’ve played all night, especially since the crowd knew most of all their songs, despite them being weeks old”

Finally, the last performance was taken over by Kashmir, an alternative rock band, the winners of Pepsi Battle of the Bands in 2017. Their slow and mellow genre is a crowd favorite and gave the night a perfect blend after the two raging performances. Kashmir performed their famous pieces such as Bhaago, Pareshaniyan, Parwana Hoon, and Kaaghaz Ka Jahaaz, which was an ultimate hit and had to be played twice due to the popular demand.

“Judging from the crowd and our friends who attended, we think it was just like old times. We enjoyed being on stage, the crowd engaged with us and we were fully immersed at the moment,” remarked Kashmir, as a whole.

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