Bride Demands Books Worth Rs100,000 in Haq Mehr

A bride in Mardan, KPK demanded books worth Rs100,000 in her ‘Haq Mehr’ instead of any other luxury items. The video is going viral on social media.

Normally, you may have heard of brides who wish to receive cash, property, their favourite jewellery or any other luxury items as their Haq Mehr from their husbands. However, something you probably have not heard about a bride asking for is books instead.

Something of this sort has happened in Mardan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa where a bride has demanded books worth PKR100,000 as her Haq Mehr from her husband

The bride from Mardan has demanded books instead of any other luxury item in an attempt to set an example for others to follow.

A video clip of the bride has been making rounds on Twitter and getting viral over the internet showing Naila Shamal (the bride) saying that she demanded books of PKR100,000 as Ha Mehr from her husband on the occasion of her wedding.

The bride, Naila has a PhD degree in Pashto and her husband is also a PhD lecturer. 

Naila said in the video message that she has demanded books from her husband in an attempt to condemn all other materialistic customs and traditions which she views as wrong. She also pointed out that inflation had already made the lives of people worse, and have made it difficult for them to manage their expenses.

She also said: “Inflation bars us from buying such precious things. Every woman demands money and gold. But I demanded books because I am a writer and I want that we all should give maximum importance to the books”.

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