Lord of the Roxen – Mustafa Zahid

Life Of A musician!

“Cover will Only get you Youtube hits but for an artist to excel it’s really important to have original in his bag”

  1. From being a debater to musicians, how did the transition come about?

I think it was always about expressing myself and initially in the college days I chose debates as a medium while later on when I picked up the guitar I felt music is a better medium for someone like me to express myself

2.You hail from a musical family. What role did it play in shaping your music career?

Luckily I am from a family that saw the likes of Inayat Hussain Bhatti and Ali Azmat and I think it did play some part in a way that I would always look upto them get inspired and think of achieving what these gentlemen achieved in music.

  1. Is it necessary for a musician to be an all-rounder to sustain in Pakistan’s music industry?

Absolutely. Gone are the days when people would only bother listening how good you sing. The newer generation looks at musicians in Pakistan as an idol and I think it has become very important for a musician to be a complete package rather than just a singer.

  1. Cover songs and cover albums are trending now. How important is originality in the music industry?

Name me any singer from the past who won any of these reality shows and made it big on cover songs. Covers will only get you Youtube hits but for an artist to excel it’s really important to have originals in his bag. This is one reason I feel most of the reality shows are bogus because all they do is make artists do what’s been done through cover songs rather than nurturing their hidden talent.

  1. I know you get this a lot, but we would also like to hear about Bollywood experience.

Bollywood’s one fine industry and it goes without saying that the audience they have worldwide is massive. I enjoyed every bit of it because before Bollywood I would make a song and produce it and sing it the way I want to whereas while singing it for a film, it was much more challenging as I had to express the role of the actor and put the right feel for the right situation according to the story of the film.

  1. Any more work our way of yours from Bollywood?

Unfortunately things have not been smooth lately for Pakistani artists across the border which is unfair to music and art lovers. People in India love to hear our music in their films exactly how we love to watch their films. Let’s just hope that sanity and peace prevail soon and you will hear me back doing a lot more playback

  1. What’s cooking at Roxen’s end?

Roxen’s biggest problem in last few years has been live concerts. We do so many live shows that we hardly get to sit in studio, also it happened few times that we planned a song to do independently but then we gave it to a film which worked for us too since independent music scene has been down in Pakistan. But having said that we lately have been working on something new and exciting and will bring the rock n roll back that’s attached to our name

  1. Do you think there’s nepotism in the music industry? If yes, what can be done about it?

Nepotism is part of almost every industry and society especially in the part of world we live. The only thing that can be done about it is that you work hard and give your hundred percent leaving results to God. I am a strong believer of wa tu izzu man tashau, wa tu zillu mantasha.

  1. Coke Studio has been around for 9 years now. Do you have any plans to associate yourself with Coke studio in future?

That’s a question I have to answer on daily basis and I keep saying that this is something you should ask Coke studio not me.

  1. How important is the role of music in films and do you think Pakistani films are doing justice to it?

Absolutely NO. A big NO. I wish we start realizing that there’s a difference between film music and drama OST. Also film producers and makers should consider that film music has a different vibe and taste and the background score for film is as important as the script of the film. So rather just putting the songs in there for the sake of it, they should have the right team for right job.

  1. Rock and pop scene has vanished from our music industry. What do you think is the reason behind it?

The mood of the society I think changed from what it was in 2006-2010. The paradigm shifted towards drama which is now shifting towards movies. It’s not that there aren’t new people making good music it’s just sad that they don’t have a label or platform to showcase their talent.

  1. How do you think platforms like Pepsi Battle of the bands are helping in the revival?

To be honest I haven’t watched it yet, but I just hope that the bands participating focus more on doing their originals rather than only covering old songs.

  1. Can you tell us a bit about your upcoming projects?

A Roxen album

A Roxen single

My solo single