Maintaining Long-Distance Friendships

When factoring in different time zones, it feels nearly impossible to get ahold of your friends. Here are ways to maintain your long-distance friendships.

To stay in touch with friends—long-distance or not—putting in the effort is essential. Especially when factoring in different time zones, it can feel nearly impossible to get ahold of each other, it’s not always easy thus the communication can come in tides where you’re really good at texting or calling back and other times there’s just not enough time on your schedule. COVID-19 precautionary measures and quarantine have made it challenging to meet with in-city friends let alone out-state long-distance friends. To keep your long-distance friendships going strong, you How To Keep Long-Distance Friendships Strong | Teen Vogue

To keep the fires of long-distance friendships burning strong:

Pick a day and time that usually always works for both of you. Call each other regularly on those days to check in, see how things are going, update each other. Scheduling in advance can work well.

Study and/ or work together. If you know your friend doesn’t like to study, make one or two of those aforementioned scheduled FaceTime sessions a virtual study group. These will help with encouraging each other to stay on task.

Snail mail. There’s nothing more thoughtful than receiving an unexpected handwritten note from a long-distance friend.

Play online games. Game nights are always a fun way of spending quality time with your long-distance friends virtually. You can set a day every week where you both can relax and play online.

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