Morey Saiyan Giving Us Major Majestic Vibes

Mahira Khan Gives Us Another Song To Remember

The team of Parey hut love admist all the busy promotions have dropped a new song called ‘Morey Saiyan’ and this one is truly going to be suck in our heads for a while.

The song starts giving us vibes of the Mughal era and we see Sheheryar munawar entering in what seems like an old haveli dressed up in an emperor like attire wearing kurta pajama and shawl. We see Mahira sitting in a large room with soft lighting and an old feel. For a minute there she reminds us of Anarkali with a gorgeous red, long pishwas and complimenting jewellery. While Sheheryar sits there looking serious with a slight grin, Mahira steals the show with subtle yet beautiful choreography.

Mahira danced like a queen making it look effortless and smooth to carry such heavy jewellery and dress. The emotions and feel she brings into the song is mesmerizing. It is absolutely phenomenal to watch her take the game to a whole new level.

Zeb never disappointing us and as usual gives a song that won us over. Her sweet melodious voice along with Mahira’s facial expressions give us immense joy while watching and make us want to sing, dance and re watch the song again and again.

Watch the song here:

Listen to the full version :