Mulan: Another Live-Action Movie from Disney

Disney dropped the teaser of everyone's favourite childhood movie! Be sure to check it out.

Mulan is getting a live-action remake. It is a remake of the Disney classic movie which released back in 1998 and has been a very popular one back then. All the 90’s kids love this movie and they are very excited to watch the new live action movie.

The story of Mulan is a very heart touching one; a girl breaks the norms of patriarchy by impersonating a man and goes off to train her fellow recruits. This whole story has many ups and downs in between, but overall it is a movie that is loved and cherished by everyone globally.

A collage made by a fan comparing the scenes of both the movies side by side.

Mulan is directed by Niki Caro and will be starring Yifei Lui as the lead actress who will be seen playing the role of Hua Mulan. Seeing an animated movie come to life is very exciting. Recently, Aladdin was released and it lived up to the expectations of the people and that is why it won’t hurt to keep our hopes high for this one too. Mulan will be releasing next year in March.

However, there will not be a character of Mushu, the dragon. No songs by him and the character is missing which is making the die hard fans sad.

Have a look at the teaser which was just released by Disney: