Pakistani Beauty Influencers That Are Taking Instagram By Storm

If you are looking for creative content then these Pakistani beauty influencers are just who you need to follow to keep up!

It seems as if every week there is a new trend in the beauty community hitting Instagram by storm and taking over our news feeds. We have some very talented makeup bloggers in Pakistan, who grace us with unique and chic looks every day, be it keeping up with the rainbow eye shadow or the two-toned eyebrow trend, our bloggers have taught us all. During the era of social distancing, trying out new makeup looks is not only a fun way to keep ourselves busy but is also a great way to lift our spirits. From the colorful eyes to bold brows there is an endless list of intriguing looks and TikTok trends waiting to reach your newsfeed and these Pakistani beauty influencers are just who you need to follow to keep up!

Laraib Rahim

A makeup, skincare, and fashion blogger based in Islamabad, Laraib has been all about the fusion, and beautiful jewelry pieces that we are swooning over. Her makeup tutorials are very fun to watch and so easy to follow with so many inspiring looks that have made her gain the reputation of one of the most prominent influencers in our country. Her Instagram account is aesthetically pleasing and her transformation videos are very entertaining!

Dua Siddiqui (Glow Monster)

A self-taught makeup influencer based in Lahore, Dua has been one of the driving forces of the makeup influencer community. She has been very supportive of local Pakistani brands and has introduced us to so many of them which is a great way to support our local talent. Whether it be high-end brands or local Pakistani makeup brands she has taught us to work with anything in hand. Her tutorials are very easy to follow and her makeup looks are one of a kind. She also has a Youtube Blog that goes by her name, where she is seen to provide us with facial techniques, skincare recommendations, makeup removing steps and so much more informative tips that are very useful for everyone.

Hunaina Rasool 

Hunaina Rasool is an influencer who has taken over the gram with her stunning transformation videos, which are very creative and spot on. The talent that she has is admirable as her ability to transform herself is a talent that deserves everyone’s applause and appreciation. Not just her transformation videos but her product reviews are very honest and reliable, providing us with detailed descriptions to help us decide which makeup products to go for. Hunaina also creates content on how to style the headscarf and has taught us some very unique ways to do so. Her content is creative and very up to date with the current trends and that’s what we really admire about her page. She also has a Youtube channel that goes by her name where she further entertains everybody with funny TikTok videos and vlogs.

BeautyAffair By Rammal M


A creative makeup blogger and content creator, Rammal is gracing us with her very unique style where she uses her skills as an artist to create makeup looks that go hand in hand with the conversation that she wants to unfold and bring into notice. One of her works centered around healthy eating habits was displayed through an outstanding makeup look which consisted of a selection of healthy food displayed on her entire face. Her concept and effort are outstanding. Another one of her jaw-dropping work involves painting the infamous “starry night” by Vincent Van Gogh on her face and the result has left us speechless. Her talent deserves to be recognized and appreciated more amongst the Pakistani beauty influencer community.

Make sure you follow these Pakistani beauty influencers and show support for the great work that they do!

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