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Umair Jaswal wants to REVAMP the Athlectic Wear Industry in Pakistan

Umair Jaswal launched after he saw a gap in the Pakistani market for athletic wear. In his 15 years of active lifestyle, he found good quality athletic wear to be overpriced and limited. By utilising the huge textile industry, he plans to bring affordable options to the people of Pakistan.

Furthermore, is receiving endorsements from numerous celebrities like Hamza Ali Abbasi and Vasay Chaudhry. The Mann Mayal star wore it on his US Tour.

What is offering?

As of now, is bringing forth athletic wear for men. Their portfolio includes hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts, trousers, and tracksuits. The color palette that he has used seem to pop, yet they do not feel out of the place. The fitting of the clothes is being emphasised upon, as the singer believes that the hard work you put into your physique should show.



What are we looking forward to?

Umair pointed out the lack of dry-fit summer hoodies in Pakistan and is looking forward to introducing the concept more openly. is also working on fun designs so the customers should look forward to those.

What is next for Umair Jaswal?

In an interview with Dawn, he explained that he wants to make a franchise. He will be working on launching a gym so there are more options for the customers. His main goal seems to provide an active lifestyle that is accessible not just for certain people but for majority of our population.


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