Rihanna Is Happy With Her Secret Love Life With Saudi Billionaire Hassan Jameel

It seems that the internationally famed singer Rihanna has found her one true love in Saudi Billionaire Hassan Jameel. After getting through the throes of her abusive relationship with Chris Brown, it is quite apparent that she has never been this happy.

A source while discussing the relationship between the two told Hollywood Life:

“Hassan is a very private person, especially when it comes to his love life. He doesn’t want to bring any shame to his family name by having his every move splashed all over the tabloids, and being the subject of any public dramas.

“Hassan’s fortune provides him the luxury of living a rock star life – dating beautiful women, jetting around the world, limos, staying in the very best hotels. But it also allows him to pay for a huge security detail, which he uses to maintain his privacy.”

Rihanna Is Happy With Her Secret Love Life With Saudi Billionaire Hassan Jameel
A rare picture of Rihanna with Beau Hassan Jameel

The source has also revealed that Rihanna is smitten with the way Jameel doesn’t crave spotlight and allows her to have her way with the public:

Rihanna is totally cool with keeping things out of the spotlight. After the nightmare she went through with Chris she really doesn’t want to have another splashy public romance and she loves the fact that Hassan doesn’t want to be in the spotlight, or be famous, there’s no competition between them, he allows her to be the star and to shine.”

Earlier, the Arab billionaire had wooed the singer by various romantic gestures, some of which have been termed as seriously big and influential ones.

“It sounds outrageous, but these guys are obviously in a different world to the rest of us – although even by their standards this was a seriously big romantic gesture,” another source added to The Sun.

Rihanna is also extremely happy of her relationship with Jameel that she has already told her family about him, nearly a month ago. We can’t wait for the couple to make some more public appearances.