Mental Health And The Way We As People Can Help Others

The world may have celebrated World Mental Health Day but the battle to continue raising awareness and helping others, carries on.

Mental health is an important aspect of one’s overall health and well being.

In the past, any discussion around the issue was always pushed under the rug. Many people just refused to discuss the topic at hand.

However, as society progresses, so does its collective attitudes on many taboo issues.  This includes discussions on mental health.

Despite the progress, there still remain misconceptions about the issue. In this article, we will help point out how the ways you can help those suffering from the issue.

1. Creating a safe space for discussion

Those who have such issues tend to be uncomfortable sharing how they feel. Many fear judgement from others for sharing their feelings. It is important to create a safe space where one can share their feelings without any fear of judgement.

2. Listen to what they are saying

When dealing with people suffering from mental health issues, it is crucial that you listen to them. By simply listening to what the other person is saying, you can help them feel better. It will give them this positive sentiment of being wanted and being understood without any fear of disapproval.

3. Do not discredit their feelings

Often times, people make the massive mistake of discrediting the feelings of those they try to help. This is absolutely wrong as it makes the person feel as if there is something wrong with them. No matter how they feel, one should never make someone feel as if their sentiments are invalid.

4. Being objective and unbiased 

Regardless of what your social and religious beliefs maybe, always listen to one’s problems with an open mind. Keep your biases aside and empathize with the person that is pouring their heart out to you. Support and accept their feelings unconditionally without personal biases.

5. Encourage them to seek professional help

As an ordinary person, you alone cannot help improve someone’s mental health. However, you can always motivate them to help seek professional help. You can encourage them to open up to a professional who will assist them in resolving their issues.

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