Simmba: A Movie You Don’t Want To Miss!

Expectations were high for this movie, with a strong storyline and plot but the crowd questioned whether or not it would deliver as promised.

The movie kicks off with an amazing introduction of the main character Simmba; Rohit Shetty did not disappoint in that aspect. The crowd went crazy with Simmba’s entrance and got everyone excited for the rest of the movie.

The movie revolves around Simmba who is an orphan belonging to the same place the beloved Singham was born. The young boy lives on pocket picking and believes that corrupt police officers live an ideal life and he aspires to be like them.

There were a few highlights of the movie, the first one being the song Ladki Ankh Maari; a remake of the original one. The entrance of Ajay Devgan was much awaited and was at the perfect timing. The movie revolved around the rape culture in India and that had a strong impact on the protagonist’s journey.

The ending of the movie was something worth watching and had the crowd clapping on it’s feet. It’s so rare that you see such a reaction from the crowd but we think it totally deserved that! You obviously have to watch the movie to find out the ending, so book your tickets now and head over to your nearest cinema!