The CORE FIT class – Your Surefire Ticket to ‘Fit n Fab’

The Core Fit class offered at Core Karachi is all the rage among fitness enthusiasts of K- town. Its easily the most popular high-intensity, variety infused, cross-fit training program of the city as we speak!

“I have literally witnessed my body transform both in terms of strength and shape in the past three months, attending this class!” said a socialite mom, Ayesha as we tried catching a breathe or two in between the high-impact strength building slots in the class.

Core Fit is seldom about necessitating glitz and gadgets to reap some serious health and fitness perks. The session makes it more about returning to fitness basics, using an array of low-tech, functional movements derived from gymnastics, weight training, Olympic weight training, and metabolic conditioning with as the program stresses on variance.


At Core Fit, you get to achieve the following:

Get stronger

Most of the exercises devised for Core Fit recruit muscles from all over one’s body. Expect to develop your cardiovascular endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, accuracy, agility, and balance in this class!

Burn insane calories

Core Fit works…as it enables attendees to expand their aerobic fitness and burn lots of calories in the process, thanks to the high intensity of this workout. The more muscles we use, the more calories we burn as we do body-weight classics like burpees, push-ups, and squats etc.

Mohammad Ali Shah – ‘Core Fit’ trainer
Sapna Baloch – ‘Core Fit’ trainer

Calorie burn keeps going on much after the class

Your muscle mass is one of the determinants of your metabolic rate –  as in how many calories you burn while merely living. Since in Core Fit class you gain muscle, it comes down to you having faster metabolism, burning more calories daylong. That ‘after-burn effect’ you hear of is for real guys!

Lose fat

“Core Fit is one of the most effective workouts for fat loss” said Awais, a regular lifter at the class. Revved-up metabolism = muscle gain + fat loss.

Be more flexible & mobile

Like yoga and Pilates, Core Fit method too enhances your flexibility & mobility – your ability to move a muscle group through a range of motion with strength and control that is.

Surprisingly safer than you think

Contrary to a widespread belief as to how high-intensity cross-fit training such as Core Fit sessions maybe unsafe, attendees have experienced few to nil injuries with coaches as responsible and experienced as the Core Karachi team. The trainers won’t push you out of your skin, not until your body’s ready for the drill! We assure you that.

Also, the very point of these functional movements is to prepare your body for the demands of everyday life so it’s more ready for challenges and is thus far less prone to general injuries. That includes you getting better at running faster, longer!

Sleep like a baby

This high-intensity training class seems to be the most effective when it comes to putting us to sleep like a baby!

Mentally toughens you up

Not only does Core Fit train your muscles, but your brain too, inducing mental toughness as it gets you to engage in positive self-talk and push yourself through challenging situations.

Value for time

Core Fit classes have helped many attendees achieve reductions in waist circumference and fat loss. Its’ high-intensity nature is superior to low-intensity training for improving cardiovascular fitness.

Be hell toned

If you’re consistent, Core Fit just gets you there – lean & toned af that is!

You’ll have fun and gain lasting friendships

Need we elaborate on this one? You’re smart like that, aren’t you?! Oh, and someone even said “Core Fit has a hot lot of fit n fab.” How about you join in and find out for yourself!